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Research Degrees / Examples of current and recent graduate research

Jan Bennett

Imagery concerning the future of the human body and how it might be altered or enhanced filters into all levels and areas of visual culture. More…

Linda Carreiro

Through this research project, I explore the inextricable relationship of language to the body. Drawing upon post-structuralist and linguistic theory, language is conveyed as malleable material—something that can be formed and re-formed both conceptually and physically. More…

James Fathers

This investigation is concerned with the role of Product Design in a developing context, and in particular the exploration of design training strategies to empower craft artisans in this context. More…

Alison Graham

The investigation is grounded within theories associated with the creation and perception of visual phenomena, specifically key psychological and physiological principles relating to the illusory properties of colour and tone. More…

Laura Gray

Although the relationships between ceramics and sculpture have historically and regularly diverged and converged, they have not often been written about. This PhD, following the research undertaken in this area by Dr Jeffrey Jones, engages with the relationship between traditional pottery forms and sculpture in contemporary ceramics practice. More…

James Green

As an artist I am interested in how an inanimate object can seem to have a personality or a mind. I want to research why we have instinctively attributed personalities to inanimate objects, more specifically to ‘art objects’, how this life-giving transformation takes place, and also where (physically / mentally) it occurs. More…

Nigel Hallett

I am nearing the end of my period of study for my part-time Ph.D. The genesis for my study was an interest in art and the assessment of art which extends over 40 years into my past. More…

John Hammersley

Nearly all twentieth-century artworks have been written as the product of the creative individual artist or genius. More…

Simon Hatherley

A study to develop a best practice model for the development of low carbon, ecological low rise rural dwellings for 21st century Wales. More…

Robin Hawes

This doctoral research proposes to examine what impact current neuroscientific and phenomenological theories of visual perception – particularly those that consider what happens when we interact with a work of art – might have on contemporary visual arts practice. More…

Jineui Kim

The key questions being addressed through this project arose out with illusory properties created by the interrelationship and interaction of three-dimensional forms and line, marks and tone on the surfaces of these forms. More…

Leah McLaughlin

A key motivation for my research is to explore, examine and interrogate aspects of ceramic practice, using terms of reference drawn from aesthetic theories. More…

Sara Moorehouse

This doctoral research examines and analyses the spatial activity created by colour combinations, drawn from landscape, when applied to three-dimensional form. More…

Sean O’Reilly

The history of landscape production and representation is intimately bound up with a tradition that saw nature depicted as that ‘other’ to culture and led to its objectification both within science and its representation as landscape. More…

Chris de Selincourt

Where is the Mind of the Media Editor? An analysis of Editors as Intermediaries of the Cinematic Experience. At the heart of our experience with media we find some form of editing process. This now applies to both creation and appreciation of media. Most artworks are realised through some sort of editing process, usually involving the development of an image or idea to a point where the maker or makers are satisfied that their intentions are being expressed. More…

Sarah Younan

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 08.58.43Intangible Objects;Three-dimensional digital museum artefacts
My doctoral research investigates the impact of digital three-dimensional (3D) scanning and 3D printing technologies on audience perception of historical artefacts, with focus on the ceramics collections of the National Museum of Wales. More…

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