Supervisors and areas of supervision

CSAD welcomes MPhil/PhD proposals in the following areas. When preparing your application, it is important you identify which supervisor or supervisors you would like to work with, and consider how your proposal relates to their subject interests. Below is a list of CSAD supervisors with links to their staff profile page. Please contact the supervisor(s) before applying to discuss your proposal.

Art, Science and Technology

Exploration of the ways in which art, science and technology can inform and interact with one another, with reference in particular to the body, perception, philosophy, posthumanism, robotics, and sound. Prof Clive Cazeaux Paul Granjon Dr Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos Dr Ashley Morgan Prof Robert Pepperell Dr Stephen Thompson

Centre for Applied Research in Inclusive Arts & Design (CARIAD)

The centre’s overarching aim is to evolve agile techniques and methods that give voice to communities, allowing their perspectives and desires to steer the creation and implementation of solutions. These solutions may be products, events, modes of interaction, publications, videos or services. CSAD members of CARIAD include: Dr Wendy Keay-Bright Dr Cathy Treadaway

Centre For Ceramics Research

Research covers many aspects of practice in the discipline, including the theorising of artists’ creative practices, and the history of studio ceramics. Dr Natasha Mayo Ingrid Murphy

Centre for Fine Art Research (CFAR)

A coherent and ambitious programme around Fine Art research including painting, sculpture, printmaking, time-based and performance, new media, art history and aesthetics, and art and science. Prof Clive Cazeaux Dr Jonathan Clarkson Prof David Ferry Paul Granjon Prof Robert Pepperell Dr Chris Short Prof Andre Stitt

Ecological Built Environment Research and Enterprise (EBERE)

Research and enterprise that is centred on the creation and preservation of the Built Environment from an ecological perspective, which adopts a holistic approach to achieve this at the micro level for shelter and up to the macro level for communities and beyond. John Counsell Dr John Littlewood Dr Mahnaz Shah

History, theory and philosophy of art and design

A range of interests covering aesthetics, continental philosophy, cultural and media studies, the history and theory of modern art, design history and theory, psychoanalysis, and the relation between theory and practice. Prof Clive Cazeaux Dr Jonathan Clarkson Dr Ashley Morgan Dr Mahnaz Shah Dr Chris Short

Material Matters

Research into methods of making and the impact of digital technology upon creativity and innovation. Dr Keireine Canavan Philippa Lawrence Dr Cathy Treadaway

Programme for Advanced Interactive Prototype Research (PAIPR)

PAIPR is investigating methods for rapid design and development of computer embedded products such as mobile phones and PDAs. Prof Steve Gill Dr Gareth Loudon Paul Wilgeroth